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Representatives Titus, Kihuen Rally with End Citizens United as Part of National Day of Action

Apr 01, 2017

LAS VEGAS, Nv – Today, Nevada Representatives Dina Titus (NV-1) and Ruben Kihuen (NV-4) joined with former Arizona Congressman Ron Barber (AZ-2) to rally with End Citizens United in Las Vegas in opposition to Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The rally, part of the national day of action organized by The People’s Defense, comes ahead of Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation vote next week. The grassroots rally, which took place at the U.S. District Courthouse in Las Vegas, also featured speakers from NARAL and Nevadans for Judicial Progress. 

As a judge, Gorsuch has a proven record ruling in favor of corporate special interests over everyday Americans. If confirmed, his addition to the Supreme Court would be a win for corporate special interests allowing for more money and less transparency in elections. In the Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius case, he supported a ruling which held that corporations are people. Equating corporations to people in the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision led to an avalanche of unlimited and anonymous spending in our elections. In the Riddle v. Hickenlooper case, his opinion suggested a desire to give unprecedented constitutional protections to political contributions – a measure which would throw out the last remaining limits on mega-donors in our elections.

“Today’s rally demonstrated that Nevadans are frustrated with the rigged system that’s selling their elections to the highest bidder. Nevadans won’t hesitate to stand up and speak out against a Supreme Court nominee who has shown that he’d rather protect corporate special interests than American working families,” said Tiffany Muller, executive director of End Citizens United. “In 2016, Nevadans were hit with $66 million in Super PAC spending and undisclosed money that drowned out the voices of everyday Nevadans. Senator Heller has a responsibility to oppose Gorsuch’s nomination and stand with the people he was elected to represent.” 

End Citizens United was founded in March 2015 to counter the disastrous effects of the Citizens United decision and to work towards the reform of our campaign finance system. The group has 15,000 members in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and over 27,000 across Nevada.