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Republican Redistricting Power Grab in Texas Highlights Urgent Need for the Freedom to Vote Act

Oct 26, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Texas’ new gerrymandered congressional map into law:

“The new congressional map in Texas is reprehensible. The map is a partisan power grab by Republican politicians in Texas who want to choose which voters they represent, instead of the other way around. The map denies the people of Texas fair and equal representation. Despite the fact that 95% of the population growth in Texas last decade was from communities of color, there are fewer majority-minority districts in the new map.

“Texas voters deserve better. That is why the U.S. Senate must pass the Freedom to Vote Act, a commonsense, effective compromise that combines ideas from both Democrats and Republicans to protect access to the ballot box, stop dark money in politics, and end partisan gerrymandering, so voters–in Texas and across the country–can choose their elected representatives and have fair and equal representation in Congress.

“With politicians in states like Texas moving at a rapid pace to pass gerrymandered maps that silence the voice and vote of communities of color, the U.S. Senate must do whatever it takes to quickly pass the Freedom to Vote Act and cannot allow procedure to stand in the way.”