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Robert Kennedy, Jr. Sells Vice President Pick to Highest Bidder

Mar 26, 2024

End Citizens United Communications Director Jonas Edwards-Jenks released the following statement on reports that Robert Kennedy, Jr. will announce millionaire investor Nicole Shanahan, who helped fund the pro-RFK, Jr. super PAC’s seven-figure Super Bowl ad, as his running mate for his third-party campaign—despite telling Chris Cuomo earlier this month that he “would never choose a VP candidate based on how much money they have”:

“RFK, Jr. is selling his vice presidential pick to the highest bidder. After being propped up by Trump donors and illegally coordinating with his super PAC, RFK, Jr. is now bringing Nicole Shanahan onto his ticket so she can self-fund his campaign, despite his claim that money will play no role in the selection. RFK, Jr. lied to the American people and is willing to abuse any and every loophole in our broken campaign finance system to boost his spoiler campaign.”