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Ron Johnson is Ready to Debate for His Billionaire Allies

Oct 13, 2022

Tonight is the second Wisconsin Senate debate, an important night for Ron Johnson’s bank account and for his billionaire allies.

After it was revealed last year that Johnson secured a $215 million tax handout specifically for three of his billionaire backers, which Johnson admitted he himself benefitted from too, those same three billionaires have redoubled their efforts to keep their most profitable Senator in Washington, spending millions again on ads to help re-elect Johnson.

Johnson’s billionaire allies know tonight’s debate is important. They need their investment to pay off, so Johnson can get them another multi-million dollar tax handout while cutting Social Security and Medicare for Wisconsin families.

Unfortunately for Johnson and Team Billionaires, working families in Wisconsin know that Mandela Barnes will work for them, fighting to lower costs, cut taxes for the middle class, and create jobs.