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SC-01: Joe Cunningham Highlights Ethics Plan

Jul 12, 2018

Joe Cunningham, candidate for SC-01, is highlighting his comprehensive ethics plan today to clean up elections and unrig the system in Washington. Cunningham is endorsed by End Citizens United and running his campaign without a dime of PAC money.

Joe Cunningham’s Ethics Reform Plan

1. Term Limits for All Members of Congress
Get rid of career politicians. It’s time to implement real term limits on Congress. (Three terms for House, Two terms for Senate.)

2. Ban PAC Contributions
In order to weaken the overwhelming political power of special interests, we should ban federal candidates from accepting PAC contributions.

3. End Gerrymandering
Create independent commissions to draw district lines in each state so voters can pick their politicians, instead of politicians picking their voters.

4. Automatic Voter Registration
Corruption feeds off of apathy. In order to simplify and incentivize voter participation and hold politicians accountable, the United States should switch to an automatic voter registration system where voters, upon their 18th birthday, are automatically registered to vote.

5. Crack Down on Lobbyists
More than quadruple the waiting period for former members of Congress to become lobbyists, increasing it from one year to five years.

“Our political system is fundamentally broken right now,” said Joe Cunningham. “And it’s because politicians in Columbia and Washington D.C. have created a corrupt system that works for them and only them. There are more indictments coming out of Columbia and Washington these days than solutions. People are sick and tired of career politicians and their cronies abusing the public trust and padding their own pockets in the process. It’s time to elect honest and ethical leaders who will care more about doing their job than keeping their job.”

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