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Schumer Outmaneuvers McConnell to Bring Voting Rights Bills to the Senate Floor; ECU // LAV Calls for Passage

Jan 12, 2022

ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on the voting rights bills that the Senate will take up this week. The Senate will be able to take up the bills thanks to a procedural maneuver initiated by Leader Schumer that allows the Senate to circumvent Mitch McConnell’s filibuster to start debate:

“Our system works best when everyone has the ability to make their voice heard in our elections. But self-serving Republicans have put the freedom to vote and our democracy under attack, passing extremist anti-voter laws that limit access to the ballot box and putting in place the pieces to sabotage our elections. That is why it is so crucial that the Senate passes voting rights legislation that would ensure every American has the freedom to vote, end dark money, stop partisan gerrymandering, and protect our elections from sabotage, making certain that voters are safe from intimidation and trusted local officials are able to count every vote.

“We are grateful for Leader Schumer’s leadership. He has outmaneuvered Leader McConnell and the anti-voter Senate Republicans, who have been blocking even having a debate on voting rights bills, and the Senate is now moving towards actually considering and passing a bill.

“Now that the Senate has the ability to actually take up voting rights legislation, they must do everything they can to pass it. The freedom to vote and the ability for Americans to have their votes counted and voices heard is of paramount importance–significantly more important than Senate procedure–and the Senate must quickly send these bills to President Biden’s desk.”