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Senate Republicans United in Opposition to Freedom to Vote Act

Sep 15, 2021

Collins, Murkowski among Republican Senators who have already said they will oppose the voting rights and anti-corruption bill

After leading Senate Democrats released the Freedom to Vote Act, a compromise, commonsense voting rights and anti-corruption bill that draws ideas from both parties, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he and the Republican Senate caucus will not be supporting the legislation. Even so-called moderate Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski quickly came out against the legislation, proving once again that Republicans are dead set against protecting the freedom to vote and getting big money out of politics.

This Republican opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act comes after Republicans have abused the filibuster this year, refusing to even have a debate on the For the People Act, including its two most popular components–the DISCLOSE Act and anti-partisan gerrymandering measures– and blocking a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6 insurrection.

Senator Collins’ opposition to this bill was particularly cynical, as she claimed she is against the bill because of her opposition to national election standards, yet in 2002 she applauded federal voting standards while voting for the Help America Vote Act.

“Senator Collins’ and Senator Murkowski’s opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act is further proof that they and the rest of the Republican caucus have zero interest in protecting access to the ballot box and are beholden to the dark money special interests attacking our democracy,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President TIffany Muller. “The Senate must act quickly to pass this bill to ensure everyone has a say in our democracy, not just corporate interests and big donors. It cannot let outdated procedures stand in the way.”