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Senate Rules Committee Hearing to Underscore Need for the Freedom to Vote Act

Oct 26, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement ahead of the Senate Rules Committee hearing on the growing threat to sabotage our elections

“One of the most disturbing trends to arise out of the dark-money attack on the freedom to vote this year has been the growing threat to sabotage our elections. From fraudulent and dangerous election reviews in places like Arizona and Wisconsin; to partisan attempts to take over local, nonpartisan election boards; to threats of violence to local election officials; the attack on our elections has been unrelenting.

“Today’s hearing will highlight the importance for the Senate to quickly pass the Freedom to Vote Act. This commonsense compromise bill addresses the growing threat of election sabotage by putting in place protections to ensure voters are safe from intimidation and trusted local election officials are able to securely count every vote.

“We thank Chairwoman Klobuchar for holding this important hearing and addressing this serious threat to America’s elections. Along with her leadership in co-authoring the Freedom to Vote Act, she has been a champion in the fight to empower voters and ensure we have safe and fair elections.

“As threats to sabotage and overturn our elections continue to grow across the country, the Senate must act quickly to pass the Freedom to Vote Act. We cannot allow loopholes and outdated procedure stand in the way of ensuring our elections are safe from sabotage.”