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Senator Ron Johnson Admits that Tax Scam He Voted for Was Designed to Benefit Himself and His Wealthy Donors

Apr 12, 2022

Johnson secured a $215 million tax carve out for three of his billionaire backers

Senator Ron Johnson is so comfortable with his self-serving corruption, that he admitted the 2017 tax scam he supported was written to pad the bottom line of his own companies and his donors’ companies. During a local Republican party event, Johnson admitted that his own companies and his donors’ companies benefited from specific provisions of the 2017 GOP tax scam. Here’s what Senator Johnson said about the tax cut he secured for himself and his donors, which was reported to be upwards of $215 million for just three of his wealthy supporters:

“Now, did my business benefit? Sure. 

“Did some of my donor businesses? Sure.”

This type of self-serving, pay-to-pay corruption from Senator Johnson is hurting hard-working Wisconsin families. While Senator Johnson is working in Washington to write laws that line his and his wealthy donors’ pockets, and supporting a plan to raise taxes on nearly a third of Wisconsinites, Wisconsin families have been struggling to make ends meet. That’s why they’ll replace Senator Johnson this November with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, who has a plan to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, stop corporations from gouging prices, and make sure that the wealthy are paying what they owe.