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Senator Rubio Votes Against Protecting Reproductive Freedom

May 11, 2022

68% of Florida voters agree with Roe v. Wade

After the GOP’s dark money allies spent over $1.1 billion in dark money to capture the courts to roll back reproductive freedom, Senate Republicans like Senator Marco Rubio have now voted to block protecting people’s healthcare and reproductive freedom. Senator Rubio showed today that he stands on the side of radical, partisan extremists that want to criminalize abortion and punish doctors, and people who decide to have an abortion.

Senator Rubio supports an extreme crackdown on people’s freedom and healthcare that is out of touch with Floridians. Rubio has previously said Roe v. Wadeis not settled law” and that “until we can get a Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, we do everything possible… to confront it.” Rubio has also stated that he “never” supported rape and incest exceptions in abortion bans.

Floridians deserve a Senator who doesn’t try to rollback their freedoms, strip away their right to make their own health care decisions. Polls have shown that 68% of Florida voters agree with Roe v. Wade and a majority of Florida voters want more abortion access, not less.