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Single-Candidate Super PAC Follows Cue From Biden, Shuts Down

May 07, 2019

Following Vice President Joe Biden’s rejection of help from “G Street”, a single-candidate super PAC that was formed to support his candidacy, the super PAC shut down just two weeks after its launch.

“When candidates speak out and reject single-candidate super PACs, the support for those groups dries up and the influence of big money in the Democratic primary is diminished,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. “Every candidate who has rejected the support of a single-candidate super PAC should be applauded for their commitment to putting people ahead of mega-donors.”

Below the Federal Election Commission confirms the termination of “G Street,” the single-candidate super PAC formed to support Biden:

End Citizens United (ECU) has led the way in urging Democratic presidential candidates to run reform-focused campaigns and disavow single-candidate super PACs in the primary. In March, ECU sent an open-letter to Governor Jay Inslee’s campaign calling on him to disavow the single-candidate super PAC, Act Now On Climate. ECU and a coalition of good government and reform groups penned an open-letter to all Democratic presidential candidates encouraging them to take a strong stance in the primary against corporate PAC money and big-money super PACs.

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