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Tax Day: Marco Rubio Wants You to Pay More Taxes

Apr 18, 2022

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Rubio voted to pass 2017 GOP tax bill to slash corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%

Rubio and Senate Republicans are running on a new plan that would raise taxes on over 40% of Floridians

It’s Tax Day, and corporate America is once again reaping the benefits of holding Republicans in their pockets. Corporations are celebrating the $2 trillion tax handout they got through millions of dollars of election spending and lobbying. Marco Rubio and the Senate GOP are on the hook of the corporations that got them elected and they returned the favor by passing a $2 trillion tax giveaway for corporate America that was funded by working class Americans. As an encore, Rubio and his allies have made a tax hike on middle class Americans a top item on their to-do list if they get elected again!

The 2017 partisan tax bill, which was one of the most flagrant and corrupt instances of politicians blatantly rewarding their mega-donors, slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and allowed corporations to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes on profits stashed overseas. It was a boon for many industries that had poured millions of dollars into elections. For example, the top 10 Big Pharma companies received a $76 billion tax cut from the GOP tax bill. If that isn’t enough strain on families, now they want to make deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security or force massive tax hikes on younger Americans.

Now, Rubio and the Senate GOP are at it again, with a new plan to give a tax handout to wealthy corporations while raising taxes on over 40% of Floridians. The Senate GOP plan:

  • Raises taxes on working class families, single mothers, and retirees.

  • Cuts critical bipartisan infrastructure investments in American roads and bridges, and takes away good-paying American jobs.

  • Stacks the deck even further in favor of corporations and their wealthy executives, who get to keep their tax handouts, and against American workers, who will see their taxes and prices continue to rise.

  • Keeps allowing members of Congress to trade stock, which lets them exploit their positions of power for financial gain.

  • Does NOT lower drug prices for most Americans to get affordable access to the treatments they need

That’s why this November, Floridians will replace Senator Rubio with Chief Val Demmings, who will fight to protect Florida families, while making sure wealthy corporations pay what they owe.