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The Headlines: End Citizens United / Let America Vote Steps Up to Protect Attorney General and Secretary of State Races

Nov 03, 2022

As the Republican party unified behind the Big Lie in the aftermath of the 2020 elections and led a concerted campaign to pass restrictive voting laws backed by dark money, End Citizens United and Let America Vote launched its first ever “Democracy Defenders” program for preeminent attorney general and secretary of state races in the 2022 cycle.

Recognizing the importance of these races and the threats MAGA Republicans pose to our democracy, ECU / LAV sounded the alarm bell and supported Democratic candidates to put them in a position to win. Through TV, digital, and mail advertising, earned media support, fundraising, messaging, research, political support, and organizing, ECU / LAV helped elevate these races into the national conversation and ensured they got the attention they deserved.

The headlines below speak to the success ECU / LAV had and the support it provided to these must-win races: