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Transplant Turmoil: Another Bad Week for the GOP’s Out-of-Touch Senate Wannabes, Part 4

Mar 29, 2024

Cryptocurrency, abortion scare-tactics, and cutting the Department of Homeland Security 

Welcome to another week of Transplant Turmoil—the weekly series spotlighting the ways Republican carpetbaggers continue to prove themselves as out-of-touch with the state they’re running in.

What the GOP’s out-of-touch candidates have been up to: 

#WISen: California Bank Owner Eric Hovde Bashes Farmers

  • Each week, it seems hateful comments from Hovde’s previous Senate campaign resurface. So far, it’s been revealed he slammed students, young voterssingle mothers, and perpetuated racist stereotypes about Black women. This week, his comments berating farmers were highlighted in a new report. In a state where agriculture contributes $104.8 billion to the economy, he said farmers are lazy and aren’t working as hard because they are “largely driving around a tractor.”

  • The same report revealed Hovde referred to Social Security and Medicare as “entitlements” and his belief that these earned benefits “absolutely” need to be trimmed. In addition to his firm agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he blamed obese Americans for their own health issues and suggested that overweight people should pay for their own health insurance.

  • In the midst of March Madness, Hovde skipped over the two Wisconsin universities to pick an out-of-state school winning the tournament. At every turn, the Californian seems determined to put Wisconsin on the back-burner.

#MISen: Florida-Man Mike Rogers is Anti-Abortion

  • In light of the Supreme Court’s oral hearing on mifepristone, Rogers’ staunch opposition of the safe and effective medication used in most medical abortions across the country has resurfaced. He attempted—but failed—to suspend the FDA approval for the medication, with Democratic leaders calling the legislation unnecessary and only brought up to “stir up the controversy.”

  • Rogers’ continues to spark outrage and discontent within the Republican party—this week 25 Michigan RNC delegates signed a resolution urging Trump to rescind his endorsement of the Florida-Man. This is just the latest in the ongoing saga of Michigan Republicans slamming Rogers. Last week, the ultra-conservative coalition Rescue Michigan put forth their own petition for Trump to take back the nomination—despite his inability to unite his own party, Rogers claimed the GOP primary is a “done” in his favor.

  • This week marked the anniversary of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act being signed into law—legislation that Rogers opposed and voted against. The bill “get[s] rid of larger contributions from corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals,” and as soon as Rogers left office, he immediately started advising companies on issues he dealt with in Congress, padding his own pockets with “immense wealth.”

#PASen: Connecticut Hedge Fund Millionaire David McCormick Goes All In on Crypto

  • Instead of putting forward any plans to fortify and build Pennsylvania’s workforce, McCormick has instead gone all in on cryptocurrency in hopes of appeasing the crypto super PACs who are investing millions into key elections this year. This comes after weeks of out-of-touch comments from the millionaire, showing Pennsylvanians that he doesn’t care about outsourcing jobs and will put China profits ahead of American workers.

  • This week, representatives from the Keystone state called out McCormick for his extreme anti-choice agenda, which includes supporting an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. State Senator Amanda Cappelletti and state Representative Jennifer O’Mara slammed him for working to strip women of their reproductive freedoms.

#MTSen: Wannabe Cowboy Millionaire Tim Sheehy Wants to Defund Border Security

  • In an unusual move, Sheehy has repeatedly told supporters he supports getting rid of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees border security. This is a stark contrast as Senator Tester works to pass the strongest bipartisan border security bill—legislation that the wannabe cowboy loudly opposed, choosing to play partisan games over national security.

#NVSen: Scam Brown Dodges Nevadans

  • With Brown dodging local campaign events and GOP primary debates, he’s moved his fundraising to the national level. He knows that Nevadans see through his scams and instead set his sights on the pocketbooks of the wealthy elite and shadowy special interest groups.

  • Brown is desperately trying to walk back his support of strict abortion bans, claiming to “lead with compassion” and not resorting to scare-tactics when discussing reproductive rights. Yet, a list of ‘Resources for Women’ on his campaign website directs women to crisis pregnancy centers—organizations that continually oppose abortion, refusing to refer women for the procedure, and endorse radical—and debunked—theories against abortion harming a woman’s health. These centers often lean into the very scare-tactics Brown declared himself against.