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With Vote Set on Voting Rights, Senate Must do Whatever it Takes to Pass the Bill

Oct 14, 2021

With the Senate set to vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement:

“Today, Leader Schumer announced the Senate would vote on the Freedom to Vote Act next week. This critical bill, which was introduced by Leader Schumer and Senators Klobuchar, Merkley, Manchin, Warnock and others, pulls ideas from both Democrats and Republicans and will ensure all Americans have a vote and voice in our democracy. For the first time this Congress, the entire Democratic caucus is behind this anti-corruption and voting rights bill, and they must do whatever it takes to pass it.

“Despite Senator Manchin’s best efforts to work with Republicans on this bill, it is clear their agenda is to oppose the freedom to vote. Republicans’ hostility towards voting rights must not get in the way of passing this critical legislation. They are bad faith actors in this process and are uninterested in working on any version of any bill that will protect the freedom of Americans to vote in safe and accessible elections. They filibustered a bill to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6th attack on the Capitol, they filibustered the For the People Act twice, and they filibustered a bill to stop partisan gerrymandering and a bill to end dark money in our elections. The entire House Republican caucus even voted against the bill to restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and Senate Republicans have made it clear they will filibuster this bill as well.

“Our democracy works best when everybody can participate and have a say in the decisions we make. The Freedom to Vote Act will protect the voice of all Americans by ensuring access to the ballot box for every American, ending dark money, stopping partisan gerrymandering, and protecting our elections from sabotage.

“The Senate must pass this critical anti-corruption and voting rights bill as soon as possible and do whatever it takes to prevent outdated procedures or loopholes from getting in the way of passing the bill.”