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How Congress Can Unrig the System

September 8, 2017

Yesterday, Representatives David Cicilline (D-R.I) and John Sarbanes (D-MD) wrote an op-ed in The Hill describing House Democrats’ plans to unrig our democracy and fight back against the lobbyists and special interests controlling Washington. The Hill: Renewing our republic: Putting the priorities of everyday people ahead of special interests Better jobs, better wages and a […]


ECU calls for action After Bombshell News that Facebook Sold Political Ads to Russian Company

September 7, 2017

Following the bombshell revelation that a Russian company bought political ads on Facebook in the 2016 election, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement: “New revelations that a Russian company bought ads on Facebook underscore just how vulnerable our elections are to foreign money and how unprepared we are to do anything […]


The Kansas City Star Backs Clean Missouri Initiative

September 5, 2017

This weekend, The Kansas City Star issued strong support for the Clean Missouri Initiative, calling it a “welcome development” that would “…go a long way toward cleaning up Jefferson City.” The initiative, endorsed by End Citizens United, would increase transparency, limit the influence of Big Money in local elections and, in the words of The […]


New Report Suggests Trump Campaign May Have Discussed Political Contributions from Russians

September 1, 2017

Washington, DC — A new report today revealed that the Trump campaign may have coordinated with Russian sources on political contributions to the Trump campaign or Republican party. NBC News: Manafort Notes From Russian Meet Refer to Political Contributions While it is illegal for foreigners to donate to American elections, loopholes in our campaign finance […]


End Citizens United Calls On Congress to Pass Tester’s Bipartisan E-Filing Bill

August 31, 2017

Tester’s bill would shine a light on election spending with quicker public reports, save taxpayer dollars $500,000 annually Washington, DC — As Congress returns from August recess next week, End Citizens United (ECU) is calling on the Senate to pass Senator Jon Tester’s Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act, which would require Senate candidates to electronically […]


End Citizens United Endorses Chrissy Houlahan for Congress in PA-06

August 16, 2017

Reversing damage caused by Citizens United, and campaign finance reform top priorities for Houlahan Devon, PA — End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed Chrissy Houlahan for Congress. A veteran, small businesswoman and educator, Chrissy is a fierce advocate for getting Big Money out of politics and has made campaign finance reform a top priority of her campaign. “Chrissy […]


End Citizens United Endorses Randy Bryce for Congress

August 16, 2017

Bryce Stands in Sharp Contrast to Speaker Paul Ryan, the Emblem of Big Money End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed Randy Bryce for Congress. A staunch advocate for campaign finance reform, Bryce is committed to unrigging the system and making Washington work for all Americans. Bryce is running to unseat Speaker of the House Paul […]