Pat Meehan

The Big Money 20 are incumbents who represent the worst of Washington’s rigged system. They do the bidding of special interests like drug companies, Big Oil, Wall Street, and others with deep pockets while also voting to stack the deck in their favor – at the expense of the American people.

When it comes to choosing between the greed of his mega-donors or the needs of his constituents, Congressman Pat Meehan has chosen his mega-donors time and again.

  • A pawn of his special interest contributors, Meehan voted for tax reform at the urging of his mega-donors. Meehan, who received over $885,000 in support from major backers of the House tax bill, like the Kochs, the U.S. Chamber, and dark money group American Action Network, was quick to return the favor when it came time to vote for the bill. Meehan voted ‘yes’ despite the fact it would disproportionately benefit the top one percent of Americans while hurting middle class Pennsylvania families. The bill would pay for tax cuts for the wealthy – including for some of Meehan’s biggest donors, like the Koch brothers – by removing several deductions that Pennsylvania families depended on, including the state and local income tax deduction as well as student loan deductions.
  • Meehan voted for a bill backed by the mega-donor Koch brothers that seeks to keep Pennsylvania voters in the dark about funding sources for secret money organizations. He also voted to block a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

The only way to stop the cycle of this pay-to-play politics is to defeat the politicians who are bought by the special interests and rig the system in their favor. End Citizens United has made the Big Money 20 a priority for its $35 million campaign to throw these incumbents out of office and elect reformers who will put focus on all of us, not those who write the biggest checks.

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