August 25, 2016 / Press Releases

New End Citizens United Ad: Heck Votes to Keep Millions in Political Spending Secret

For Immediate Release
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2016
Contact: Adam Bozzi,

End Citizens United launched its second ad in Nevada today highlighting the mountain of anonymous money special interests spend to elect Congressman Joe Heck, and Heck’s votes to keep the sources of that money secret.

Heck has benefited from $5.3 million in anonymous campaign spending, called “dark money,” over his political career. He’s opposed efforts by reformers to shine a light on dark money and bring transparency to the system, voting twice to block the DISCLOSE Act. His obstruction of reforms to end unlimited, secret spending in our elections allows secret sources, corporations, and the billionaire Koch Brothers to continue to funnel money into Nevada to support his campaign, and even opens the door to foreign money in U.S. elections.


“Instead of standing up for everyday Nevadans who want to reduce the influence of special interest money in politics, Joe Heck has voted to keep these donations secret. He’s making it easier for his corporate allies like the Koch brothers to spend unlimited amounts of money to prop up his campaign,” said Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United Executive Director. “Nevadan families know the root of problem in Washington is a broken system that the wealthy and special interests have rigged to benefit themselves. Yet Joe Heck has opposed popular, common-sense reforms. He’s part of the problem in Washington and he’s making it worse for Nevada.”

The ad is the second to air as part of End Citizens United’s $1.5 million television and $225,000 digital buy. It will run statewide through September 2.

Backup for the ad can be viewed here.

This…is how much special interests have piled on to elect Joe Heck.
And Heck voted to keep the piles of secret money coming.
5.3 million: From secret sources, corporations, and the billionaire Koch Brothers.
Heck’s votes even open the door for foreign corporations to meddle in our elections.
Joe Heck. Part of the problem in Washington. Making it worse for Nevada.
End Citizens United is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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