December 20, 2017 / Election 2018

ECU: GOP Tax Bill A Gift to Mega-Donors

Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United, released the following statement after the Senate last night passed the GOP tax bill:

“Just in time for the holidays, Republicans have delivered a gift-wrapped bill to their mega-donors. It’s a shameful display of the rigged system in Washington, where politicians take money from wealthy special interests and in turn advance their interests in Congress. Make no mistake, this bill is going to hurt middle class families — the backbone of America. Voters won’t forget this one. The 2018 elections are around the corner and ECU will hold them accountable.”

Seventeen incumbent Republicans on End Citizens United’s (ECU) “Big Money 20” list voted for the tax bill. These seventeen incumbents benefited from $11.7 million in spending from special interest groups pushing for tax reform, and voted in favor of their mega-donors’ interests while voting against reform measures to unrig the system. The Big Money 20 is a list of the group’s top 20 targets for the 2018 midterm elections. ECU plans to raise and spend $35 million this cycle from grassroots, small-dollar donors to defeat these politicians and elect champions of reform.

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