November 15, 2018 / Press Releases

ECU Members Donate $250,000 to Sen. Nelson’s Recount Effort

Grassroots support to ensure all votes are counted surges as ECU members give over $250,000 to Sen. Nelson’s recount effort in the first week

As the legal battle continues over the recount in Florida, grassroots support to make sure all votes are counted is pouring in from members of End Citizens United. The group’s grassroots members have made 23,000 contributions, totaling more than $250,000, with an average contribution of $11 in the week since Election Day.

“People are tired of politicians like Rick Scott rigging the system for their own gain. They want their representatives to work for the public interest. And they want their votes to count,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “End Citizens United’s members believe we need to protect the cornerstones of our democracy, and that starts with full and fair elections. They know Rick Scott’s unsubstantiated allegation of fraud is designed to undermine faith in the system and to prevent the counting of all votes, which could cost him the election.”

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