September 14, 2018 / Press Releases

End Citizens United Announces New Round of State-Level Reformers

ECU-affiliate, Fight for Reform, will connect local grassroots members with endorsed candidates running for state-level office

End Citizens United (ECU) today announced it is endorsing nine reformers running for state-level office, including two governors and seven state legislative candidates in Arizona, all of whom are committed to fixing the broken campaign finance system.

“While Washington is mired in gridlock and serving special interests, candidates at the state level are taking action and running reform-focused campaigns,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “They’re committed to rooting out the corrosive influence of Big Money in politics so that government works for the people. We’re proud to endorse these reformers and we look forward to helping them win in November.”

The full list of new endorsements includes:

Molly Kelly- New Hampshire Governor

Ben Jealous- Maryland Governor

Bobby Tyler- Arizona LD6

Felicia French- Arizona LD6

Bradley Hughes- Arizona LD21

Wade Carlisle- Arizona SD6

Ben Carmitchel- Arizona SD16

Steve Weichert- Arizona SD17

Doug Ervin- Arizona SD20

ECU affiliated project, Fight for Reform (FFR) focuses on bringing transparency and accountability to state and local elections around the country. ECU and FFR will connect its grassroots activists and donors with these candidates.

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