November 9, 2017 / Press Releases

End Citizens United Endorses Elissa Slotkin for Congress

Slotkin committed to ending the rigged system, enacting meaningful campaign finance reform

End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed Elissa Slotkin for Congress in Michigan’s 8th Congressional district.

“Too many members of Congress, like Representative Mike Bishop, are wearing earmuffs made of special interest money. They’re not listening to the people they’re supposed to represent,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “Elissa Slotkin is committed to getting unlimited and secret special interest money out of politics so that everyday Michiganders can have their voices heard. Voters in the district are searching for a leader who will work to unrig the system. We look forward to connecting our grassroots members with Elissa’s campaign to help her win this pivotal seat next November.”

“We must put an end to the unlimited flow of special interest money into our political system. Everywhere I go in Michigan, folks are fed up, because they see how the flood of unaccountable money from corporations and now foreign governments can influence our elections — and not for the better. This isn’t a partisan issue — this is an American issue. I am running for Congress to change the way Washington operates, and campaign finance reform is one of the first things on my list,” said Elissa Slotkin.

Elissa Slotkin’s candidacy stands in marked contrast to Representative Bishop’s, whose name epitomizes the influence of Big Money in politics. While Bishop looks out for the interests of his mega-donors, Slotkin, a committed reformer, will fight to unrig the broken system and get Congress working for everyday American families.

ECU’s endorsement will help Slotkin compete with high-spending special interest groups by connecting her with its 6,300 grassroots members in MI-08, as well as its national network of 380,000 small-dollar donors. With an average donation of $14, ECU is projected to raise $35 million for the 2018 election cycle.

ECU is a grassroots fueled organization giving a voice to millions of American families. The group is dedicated to overturning Citizens United and passing meaningful campaign finance reform that will return the power of government to the people.

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