January 16, 2018 / Election 2018

End Citizens United Targets Paulsen in Six-Figure Ad Buy

New Digital Ads Highlight Paulsen’s Decision to Put Mega-Donors Ahead of Minnesota Families in Tax Bill Vote

Ad Buy is Part of “Big Money 20” Campaign to Expose the Worst of Washington’s Rigged System

Washington, D.C. – End Citizens United (ECU) today kicked off the next wave of its Big Money 20 campaign with the release of issue ads aimed at Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) for his vote for the tax bill, which was a top priority for political mega-donors.

The ad focuses on Paulsen’s vote for the tax bill, which raises taxes on many Minnesota families while giving massive tax cuts to Paulsen’s big money supporters. His decision to support the bill came after taking over $750,000 from Wall Street and benefitting from $75,000 in political spending from special interests pushing for the bill. As a result of the tax bill, most families making less than $100,000 will see an increase in taxes while the top one percent of earners will receive almost all of the tax giveaways by 2027. The 15-second video ad, which will appear on Facebook and YouTube, along with an ad on Pandora encourages Minnesotans to call Paulsen and demand that he stand up for Minnesota and not mega-donors.

“Congressman Paulsen represents the worst of Washington’s pay-to-play system, and he’s proven time and again he will sell out Minnesota working families in favor of those writing him the biggest checks,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “We’re going to make sure Minnesotans know who he’s really fighting for in Congress.”

In December, End Citizens United named Paulsen to its Big Money 20 list for 2018. The members of the Big Money 20 are incumbents who do the bidding of special interests like drug companies, Big Oil, Wall Street, and others with deep pockets while also voting to keep the rigged system in place.

ECU has announced that it will spend $35 million in the 2018 election cycle with a goal of defeating incumbents who are rigging the system and electing reformers who will ensure Congress focuses on all of us, not only the special interests.

Founded in 2015, ECU is a traditional political action committee (PAC) with more than three million members, including 6,000 in MN-03. Funded by small-dollar, grassroots donors who give an average contribution of $14, ECU raised $25 million last cycle and helped elect 65 members of Congress, including three new U.S. Senators and 16 new U.S. Representatives in 2016. The group is dedicated to ending the corrosive influence of Big Money in politics and fixing our rigged political system by electing campaign finance reform champions, passing state ballot measures, and elevating the issue in the national conversation.

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