June 13, 2018 / Press Releases

Mimi Walters Stumbles on Facts in New Ad

Today, Representative Mimi Walters, who is trailing in the polls to challenger Katie Porter, kicked off her advertising campaign with a misleading negative attack on her opponent. In her desperation, Walters stumbled on a few facts. The truth is that when it came to the tax bill, Congresswoman Walters chose her special interest mega-donors over the California families she purportedly represents.

Walters promised lied to Californians, saying she would vote on the tax bill based on how it would help her constituents. But, Walters is in the pockets of her Big Money special interest donors and followed their instructions to vote for a bill that gave them a huge tax break, while hurting California families and raising the debt. Paul Ryan and his secret money group American Action Network pressured Walters as part of a $50 million ad campaign to pass a bill that was terrible for California and Walters happily obliged.

In the interest of giving her mega-donors a historic tax cut, Walters:

We’ve come to expect Walters attempt to mislead voters. But, after she hit Californians in their wallet, voters will see through her desperate attacks. We named Walters to our Big Money 20 because she is one the worst offenders of Washington’s rigged system.

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