October 16, 2018 / Press Releases

NEW ECU Ad: Tom MacArthur’s Proudest Moment

MacArthur sold out constituents for campaign checks from insurance industry; authored amendment to gut protections for New Jerseyans with preexisting conditions

Andy Kim rejects corporate PAC money

End Citizens United (ECU) today launched a new TV ad in New Jersey focusing on the campaign contributions Congressman Tom MacArthur took from the insurance industry and the disastrous health care amendment he authored. The MacArthur Amendment would have allowed the insurance industry to gut coverage for New Jerseyans with preexisting conditions, while the ACA repeal bill he supported would have charged an “age tax.”

The ad, titled “Proud” is part of a $658,000 ad campaign that includes includes television ads, radio ads, digital ads, and direct mail.

“Tom MacArthur authored a disastrous healthcare bill that could have cost hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans their health insurance coverage,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “He’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from the insurance industry, and he’s working for them instead of the people he is supposed to represent. New Jersey has a better choice. Andy Kim is running his campaign without a dime of corporate PAC money, proving that he’ll advocate for the needs of people — not special interests.”

Click here to watch “Proud”

The $658,000 ad buy includes: $464,000 in TV and radio ads, which will run from October 16 to November 6;  $70,000 in digital ads; and $124,000 in direct mail.

In December, ECU named MacArthur to its Big Money 20 list, identifying him as one of the worst pay-to-play politicians in Washington. Andy Kim, who is refusing corporate PAC money in his campaign,  was a leader of a coalition of 107 House challenger candidates who sent a letter to the House of Representatives demanding that a reform bill be the first item on the agenda in 2019. ECU President Tiffany Muller recently traveled to NJ-03 to unveil Kim’s bold reform agenda that outlines tangible ways he’ll fight to reform the system in Congress so that it’s working for New Jersey families.

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Full script below:

VO: Congressman Tom MacArthur has an amendment named after him. Think he’s proud?

VO: The MacArthur Amendment would let insurance companies gut coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

VO: That’s good for the insurance industry. They gave him tens of thousands of dollars. MacArthur also supported letting them charge older people five times more.

VO: AARP calls it an “age tax.”

VO: Congressman Tom MacArthur: working for the insurance companies, not you.

VO: End Citizens United is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Unlike dark money groups, ECU is entirely transparent and every penny is disclosed with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike Super PACs, ECU adheres to contribution limits and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average contribution of $14.

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