May 16, 2018 / Press Releases

NEW POLL: OH-12 Special Election within Margin of Error

A reform platform to bring transparency and accountability to special interest spending in elections helps move voters in the district

Washington, D.C. – A new poll of likely voters, commissioned by End Citizens United (ECU) and conducted by PPP, shows a single digit contest in the Ohio-12 special election with Democrat Danny O’Connor trailing Republican Troy Balderson by two points, 43 to 45 percent.

After voters heard a message highlighting O’Connor’s reform platform and Balderson’s ties to the corporate special interests, O’Connor gains a five-point lead over Balderson, 46 to 41 percent. O’Connor’s surge is in line with other poll findings which show that 85% of likely voters see special interest money as a problem in Ohio elections. Notably, O’Connor’s lead among independent voters increased by 16 percent after voters heard he supports reforms to get special interest money out of politics.

“In a district where Donald Trump won by a large margin, voters are looking for a candidate who will bring change and unrig the system,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “As voters’ frustration with a broken and unresponsive Washington continues to grow, Danny O’Connor’s support for reform helps put him in a position to upset the conventional wisdom in this race.”

To see the full poll with other key takeaways, click here.

PPP surveyed 625 likely voters from May 10-11. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%.

The poll comes on the heels of ECU’s endorsement of Danny O’Connor.

End Citizens United is dedicated to getting Big Money out of politics and fixing the rigged system in Washington so it works for all Americans. It is working to elect members of Congress who will fight to overturn Citizens United and pass meaningful reforms. End Citizens United has over three million members including 4,300 in OH-12 and is entirely grassroots-funded, with an average donation of just $14.

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