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A Not-So-Happy Anniversary: McSally Rigs the System For Personal Gain

McSally has a long history of violating FEC rules

One year ago, End Citizens United (ECU) filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) against then-Congresswoman Martha McSally. After announcing her campaign for Arizona Senate in January 2018, McSally funneled money into two campaign accounts and transferred nearly $1 million from an active House campaign to an active Senate campaign––a clear violation of FEC dual candidacy rules. Click here to read the FEC complaint.

This is not an isolated incident for McSally. During the 2014 cycle, almost a quarter of McSally’s donors did not supply the required employer and occupation information necessary to donate to her campaign. The problem only worsened––more than half of McSally’s donors in 2015 and 1,200 donors in 2018 were also missing employer and occupation information. A scathing opinion piece by the Arizona Republic editorial board hit McSally for the continuous wrongdoing stating “this many failures begins to look intentional.”

Martha McSally is one of the chief beneficiaries of a broken system in Washington that rigs the system for special interests and against everyday Arizonans. When Washington fails to make health care and prescription drugs more affordable or build an economy that works for every Arizonan, it’s because politicians like Martha McSally are bought and paid for by the corporate special interests.

“Senator McSally props up her political campaigns by breaking the rules and manipulating a broken system that lets special interests funnel millions to her campaigns in order to keep prescription drug and health care costs sky high,” said ECU Deputy Communications Director Bawadden Sayed. “Mark Kelly is a reformer who will always put Arizonans first. By rejecting corporate PAC money, he’s showing leadership and demonstrating to voters that his campaign is about giving them a voice in Washington, not corporate special interests.”

AZ Central: Liberal group: Martha McSally improperly raising money for House, Senate at same time


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