February 6, 2019 / Press Releases

Oversight and Reform Committee Hearing Reaffirms Need for H.R. 1

End Citizens United (ECU) President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on H.R. 1, the For the People Act:

“Rampant corruption, abuse of power, and conflicts of interest are fueling Americans’ frustration with the rigged system. It’s diminishing the public’s faith and trust in government. But today’s hearing once again reaffirms the need for H.R. 1, the For the People Act. The bill strikes at the heart of the problems threatening our democracy because it will help root out corruption, restore the voice of the people, and strengthen ethics rules for the presidency. The bill ensures that our elected officials will work for the people–not themselves.

“The Republicans’ egregious attempts to smear the bill is a testament to their willingness to defend the rigged system, assuring their special interest backers they’ll protect their bottom line.

“We thank Chairman Cummings, Representative Sarbanes, and other Democratic members of the committee for their support of the bill. We’ll continue to fight in support of these reforms.”

The For the People Act is borne out of the 2018 midterm elections that saw a majority of Democrats run on a platform of cleaning up corruption and unrigging the system in Washington. The comprehensive bill will restore voting rights, safeguard the integrity of elections, reform ethics laws, and end the dominance of big money in politics. In October, ECU organized a letter, signed by three-quarters of the incoming class, demanding reform be the first item on the agenda in the new Congress.

To watch a stream of the hearing, click here.

For a section-by-section of H.R. 1, click here.

For the H.R. 1 bill text, click here.

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