July 11, 2018 / Press Releases

Poll Finds Americans Fear SCOTUS Could Give Special Interests Even More Political Influence

A new Navigator Research poll conducted in collaboration between GBA Strategies and Global Strategy Group found that money in politics is one of the most compelling issues for opposing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The issue is particularly salient with Republicans who are worried about the role of unlimited money in politics.

The findings echo an earlier Daily Beast poll that found the role of money in politics is the number one concern for a majority of Americans in Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee.

National Survey Findings: Americans Want a Balanced Supreme Court

The influence of money and special interests in campaigns does not begin as a top – tier issue. Initially, it falls to the bottom of our list of twelve issues the Court could decide, and a majority can’t rate how they feel about “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” unless provided with an explanation of the case. Compared to abortion and the Affordable Care Act, slightly fewer Americans say it’s important for them to know how the next Justice feels about the role of money in campaigns.

Yet, Americans are nonetheless worried about this, especially when given more context. Most are unsure on Citizens United, unexplained (58% don’t know enough about it, 23% agree, 18% disagree), but when described as the case that “allowed corporations, nonprofits, and labor unions to donate unlimited campaign contributions to support specific candidates for office” opposition swelled (19% don’t know enough about it, 23% agree, 58% disagree). That “the wealthy and the powerful will have even more advantages in their ability to influence politics with campaign contributions” is both seen as one of the most likely outcomes of the nomination and one of the most concerning. And a message about “unlimited money” is one of the top messages to oppose Trump’s nominee, in part because it is one of the most compelling with Republicans.

Citizens United: Unlike with Roe, most Americans have little idea to what this case title refers. When presented with a description, Americans move massively against the ruling.

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