July 16, 2019 / Press Releases

Sen. McConnell Gets More Money from Corporate PACs than Kentuckians

McConnell, a “Big Money 20” target, has taken $8 million from corporate PACs over the course of his long career

McConnell reported donations from only 156 Kentuckians in Q2

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the best Senator big money can buy, received a whopping $321,825 from corporate PACs in the second quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, in his home state, McConnell can’t garner any grassroots support. He reported donations from only 156 Kentuckians this quarter with an average contribution of $1,000 and a total of only $182,484.

“The only thing impressive about Senator McConnell’s fundraising haul is how little of it comes from Kentucky,” said End Citizens United Deputy Communications Director Bawadden Sayed. “McConnell embodies everything that is wrong with Washington. He fights tooth and nail to protect the interests of his corporate donors at the expense of everyday people living in Kentucky. Kentuckians deserve a Senator who will always put them first.”

Among Sen. McConnell’s corporate benefactors are $42,500 from financial firms and Big Banks, $15,000 from Big Pharma, and $10,000 from Koch Industries. He also cashed in $10,000 from the payday lender Checksmart Financial, perhaps as a thank you for blocking the Consumers First Act, which would strengthen the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the payday lending industry’s biggest enemy.

End Citizens United has been leading efforts to get candidates in Congressional battleground districts and states to run against McConnell and the rigged system he represents. A recent ECU poll, conducted by GSG, found that Democrats have a 3 point advantage on a generic ballot. After being exposed to messages on Trump, it becomes a 6 point advantage. But the biggest margin is after being exposed to messages on Sen. McConnell, which becomes a 9 point lead. In May, ECU launched a $50,000 digital ad campaign targeting McConnell, highlighting his long history of enabling corruption in Washington and putting special interests ahead of his constituents.

End Citizens United (ECU) recently named McConnell to its list of “Big Money 20” targets for the 2020 cycle. The Big Money 20 aims to educate voters about incumbents who represent the worst of Washington and rally support for reforming the political system. The members of the Big Money 20 are incumbents who take money from corporate special interests, mega-donors, and industries like Big Pharma and Big Oil and then put those interests ahead of their constituents.

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