December 12, 2017 / Election 2018

Shot/Chaser: Citizens United Endorses Rosendale, Finds an Ally to Keep the System Rigged

Matt Rosendale supports keeping the system rigged in Washington where politicians put their donors’ needs ahead of Montana families. A tool of the big money special interests, he’s a staunch supporter of the Citizens United decision, opposes transparency, and supports unlimited special interest spending.

Citizens United backs Rosendale. The group, which gave its name to the disastrous Supreme Court case, today endorsed Matt Rosendale in Montana’s Senate race.

Senator Tester has led the fight to unrig the system in Washington so Congress focuses on all of us, not just its biggest donors. A champion of reform, he has led the fight to curb the influence of secretive special interest money in elections. Whether it’s introducing a Constitutional amendment declaring corporations are not people, or requiring Senate candidates to electronically file campaign finance reports, Senator Tester is at the forefront of the fight to rein in Big Money in politics.

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