February 9, 2018 / Press Releases

Special Interest 101: A look into Saccone’s Corporate PAC Money

With voters fed up with the amount of special interest money in politics, a growing number of candidates are rejecting corporate PAC money, or all PAC money. And some are even out raising their incumbent opponents, as is the case in the PA-18 special election.

In the PA-18 special election, candidate Rick Saccone served in the state legislature and does not have federal campaign finance reports before 2017. His state campaign finance records help show the true scope of the support he’s received from corporate special interests over his career.

Over his political career, Saccone has received a total of $39,175 in corporate PAC contributions. Saccone received $32,125 from corporate PACs over his state legislative career. He received an additional $7,050 to his congressional campaign so far.

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