October 23, 2017 / Election 2018

Will Heller Stand with His Mega-Donors Yet Again?

Heller remains mum on bipartisan health care bill, voted to strip health care from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans earlier this year


In a rare occurrence on Capitol Hill, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA) negotiated a bipartisan health care bill to stabilize health insurance markets and lower costs. However, Nevada Senator Dean Heller remains tight-lipped on a bill that has a majority consensus and would protect health care coverage for the most vulnerable Nevadans.

“Senator Heller’s silence on this bipartisan bill is deafening,” said Adam Bozzi, ECU communications director. “It’s no secret that Heller has a penchant for prioritizing the agenda of his biggest political donors, but people’s lives are at stake. Hundreds of thousands of Nevadans stand to lose their health care if Heller succumbs to his mega-donor backers. The clock is ticking for Senator Heller to do the right thing and stand with Nevada families.”

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