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Citizens United and the Campaign Finance Crisis

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision has put our democracy up for sale to the highest bidder. Learn more about the Supreme Court’s opinion and how it drastically changed our elections — for the worse.

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Campaign Spending 101

Not sure what makes a Super PAC so super? Don’t know your c(4) from a c(6)? You’re not alone. Political spending organizations come in all shapes and sizes, each with different rules about spending and disclosure. Brush up on your political spending organization knowledge with our handy guide.

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Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

There are loopholes the size of the Kremlin in our electoral system, allowing foreign countries to meddle in our elections. Whether it’s a shell company or a foreign-owned corporation, these companies can serve as conduits for foreign spending.

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End Citizens United Polling Archive

Part of our mission is making sure campaign finance reform stays at the top of the conversation. To do that, we’ve commissioned national and local polls to learn more about voter attitudes towards campaign finance and how we can win. Check out in-depth polling conducted exclusively for End Citizens United.

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Further Resources

Ready to learn more about campaign finance reform? Great! Check out our list of further resources curated by the End Citizens United Research Team.

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