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Federal Election Commission: Contribution Limits

The Center for Responsive Politics: What Is A PAC?

The Center for Responsive Politics: Types of Advocacy Groups

The Center for Responsive Politics: Outside Spending

The Sunlight Foundation: A Glossary of Campaign Finance in the U.S.

As Dark Money Floods U.S. Elections, Regulators Turn a Blind Eye.” Leah McGrath Goodman, Newsweek, 9/30/14

As More Money Flows into Campaigns, Americans Worry About Its Influence.” Drew DeSilver and Patrick Van Kessel, Pew Research Center, 12/07/15

Bloomberg Poll: Americans Want Supreme Court to Turn Off Political Spending Spigot.” Greg Stohr, Bloomberg, 9/28/15

Dark Money Dominates Political Ad Spending.” William Allison, Bloomberg, 1/28/16

Follow the Dark Money.” Andy Kroll, Mother Jones, 07/12

How Much Has Citizens United Changed the Political Game?” Matt Bai, The New York Times, 7/17/12

How Super PAC Donors Hide Behind Shady LLCs.” Libby Watson, The Sunlight Foundation, 02/03/16

Koch Brothers Convene Donor Retreat as Dark Money Spending Set to Soar.” Peter Stone, The Guardian, 01/29/16

Money Unlimited.” Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker, 05/21/12

Outside groups’ influence on 2016 election grows, Super PAC filings show.” Idrees Kahloon, The Sunlight Foundation, 08/03/15

Plutocrats Not Named Trump Are Paying to Influence the 2016 Race.” Paul Blumenthal, The Huffington Post, 02/01/16

Super PACs, Outside Groups Dominate GOP ’16 Ad Spending.” Mark Murray, NBC News, 11/04/15

Super PACs Target Local Races.” Heather Haddon, The Wall Street Journal, 10/18/15

The Local Consequences of Citizens United.” Emma Green, The Atlantic, 07/02/15

The New Price of American Politics.” James Bennet, The Atlantic, 10/2012

Wall Street’s Donor Role Expands as Money Flows into 2016 Election.” Rebecca Ballhaus and Brody Mullins, The Wall Street Journal, 01/31/16

Opinion Pieces

A New Low in Campaign Finance.” Robert Maguire, The New York Times, 10/27/15

End Court-Ordered Corruption.” Derek Cressman, US News and World Report, 01/29/16

Citizens United and its Disastrous Consequences: The Decision.” Fred Wertheimer, The Huffington Post, 01/14/16

How Money Poisons Our Politics.” Gov. Jon Huntsman and Rep. Tim Roemer, Politico, 10/27/15

How to Take Big Money Out of Congressional Races.” Reps. Derek Kilmer and John Sarbanes, The Seattle Times, 11/12/15

Money in Politics Threatens Democracy – And the GOP Doesn’t Have an Answer.” David Donnelly, MSNBC, 09/17/15

Shine Light on Dark Campaign Money.” USA Today editorial board, 01/27/16

Super PACs A Disaster for Democracy.” Fred Wertheimer, CNN, 02/15/12

The Citizens United Catastrophe.” E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post, 02/05/12

The Many Sins of Citizens United.” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, The Nation, 09/24/15

To End Partisan Divide, Follow the Campaign Money.” Reps. Martin Frost and Tom Davis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/05/15

6 Years of Citizens United.” Zephyr Teachout, The Huffington Post, 01/21/16

Online Publications and Briefs

Blueprints for Democracy: Actionable Reforms to Solve Our Governing Crisis.” Lawrence Noble, The Campaign Legal Center and Issue One, 11/12/15

Candidates and Super PACs: The New Model in 2016.” Brent Ferguson, The Brennan Center for Justice, 06/12/15

Citizens United Five Years Later.” Daniel Weiner, The Brennan Center for Justice, 01/15/15

Election Spending 2014: Outside Spending in Senate Races Since Citizens United.” Ian Vandewalker and Eric Petry, The Brennan Center for Justice, 01/13/15

Fighting Big Money, Empowering People: A 21st Century Democracy Agenda.” The Brennan Center for Justice et al., 07/15

Five to Four.” Lawrence Norden, Brent Ferguson, and Douglas Keith, The Brennan Center for Justice, 01/13/16

Our Voices, Our Democracy.” The Center for Media and Democracy et al, 02/2016

Requiring Government Contractors to Disclose Political Spending.” Lawrence Norden, Daniel Weiner, and Brent Ferguson, The Brennan Center for Justice, 03/27/15

Seven Myths (And Realities) About Disclosure.” Trevor Potter, The Campaign Legal Center and Issue One, 11/17/15

Shadow Campaigns: The Shift in Presidential Campaign Funding to Outside Groups.” Ian Vandewalker and Eric Petry, The Brennan Center for Justice, 08/04/15

State Options for Reform.” Brent Ferguson, The Brennan Center for Justice, 11/02/15

The Fight Big Money 2016 Presidential Scorecard.” Every Voice, 01/16

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