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49 State-level Reformers Earn End Citizens United’s Endorsement

Aug 01, 2018

ECU-affiliate, Fight for Reform, to connect local grassroots members with endorsed candidates running for state-level office

Washington, D.C.
 — End Citizens United (ECU) today announced it is endorsing 49 reformers running for state-level office, all of whom are committed to fixing the broken campaign finance system.

The full list of endorsements includes:


Gayatri Agnew- HD93
Celeste Williams- HD95


Phil Weiser- Attorney General


Fred Swann- Agriculture Commissioner
Matthew Wilson- HD80
Chris Benton- HD131
Sandra Workman- SD01
Dawn Johnson- SD47
Zahra Karinshak- SD48


Dana Nessel- Attorney General
Padma Kuppa- HD41
Jim Haadsma- HD62
Sheila Troxel- HD64
Terri McKinnon- HD65
Kelly Collison- HD68
Penelope Tsernoglou- HD69
Henry Yanez- SD10
Rosemary Bayer- SD12
Sean McCann- SD20
Winnie Brinks- SD29


Nelson Araujo- Secretary of State
Britteny Miller- AD5
Howard Watts- AD15
Heidi Swank- AD17
Kristee Watson- AD22
Shea Backus- AD37
Patricia Ackerman- AD39

New Mexico:

Leroy Baca- HD07
Mary Jo Jaramillo- HD08
Day Hochman-Vigil- HD15
Billie Helean- HD57
Karen Bash- HD68


Betsy Monroe- HD30
Ezra Nanes- HD34
Liz Hanbidge- HD61
Jeff Cole- HD69
Mike Hanna- HD76
Shanna Danielson- HD92
Jill Linta- HD106
Dean Donaher- HD138
Melissa Shusterman- HD157
Christina Sappey- HD158
Claudette Williams- HD176
Katie Muth- SD44
James Craig- SD46


Edward Nelson- HD19


Kim Olson- Agriculture Commissioner


Emily Randall- SD26


Sarah Godlewski- State Treasurer

“The flood of Big Money is seeping into state elections, and it threatens to corrupt the political system at all levels,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “These reformers are running their campaigns in support of transparency and accountability in government — not for special interests. We’re proud to lend our grassroots support to these reformers, and we look forward to helping them win in November.”

ECU was established in March 2015 to counter the harmful effects of Citizens United and reform our campaign finance system. Its affiliated project, Fight for Reform (FFR), focuses on bringing transparency and accountability to state and local elections around the country. ECU and FFR will connect its grassroots activists and donors with these candidates.

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