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CA-25: End Citizens United Congratulates Christy Smith on Winning Both the Primary and Special Election

Mar 04, 2020

End Citizens United (ECU) President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Christy Smith winning the March 3rd primary and special election in CA-25: 

“Congratulations to Christy Smith on the success of her reform-focused campaign. She earned the support of Californians who are fed up with Washington’s rigged system. While we’re waiting to hear which Republican will face Christy, it’s clear that Mike Garcia and Steve Knight are one in the same. Garcia and Knight are defending the rigged system that props up Big Money special interests when it comes to corruption. Meanwhile, Christy’s decision to reject corporate PAC and lobbyist money demonstrates to voters that she’ll always put them first. ECU looks forward to working with Christy and helping her win on May 12th.”

ECU endorsed Christy Smith in February because of her commitment to rooting out corruption. Recently, ECU merged with Let America Vote (LAV) to combat the two biggest threats to our democracy: Big Money and voter suppression. The grassroots reform groups will work together to elect reform champions, pass legislative reforms, and elevate these issues in the national conversation. ECU has more than four million members nationwide, including 6,700 in California’s 25th Congressional District, and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average donation of just $14.