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ECU Statement on Drug Industry’s Influence over Washington

Oct 17, 2017

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on the Washington Post/60 Minutes investigation of the drug industry’s efforts to lobby Congressand undermine the DEA to weaken enforcement on opioid abuse.

“This is Exhibit A of how unchecked special interest money in politics directly harms the American people. Big Pharma has spent more than $100 million lobbying Congress and millions more in campaign contributions to protect their bottom line. The result is a gutting of regulations to protect corporate interests while putting American lives at risk. This has been a battle that has claimed 200,000 American lives through addiction.

“President Trump’s nominee for drug czar was at the center of the drug industry’s sabotage. We need to get unchecked special interest money out of Washington. And President Trump needs to withdraw that nomination so we can put the public interest – in this case health and safety – come first.”

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