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End Citizens United Endorses Jacky Rosen, Cory Simpson, Salud Carbajal, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Bryan Caforio and Bill Golderer for Congress

Apr 25, 2016

​For Immediate Release
April 25, 2016
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WASHINGTON — Today, End Citizens United PAC officially endorsed Jacky Rosen (NV-03), Cory Simpson (WV-02), Salud Carbajal (CA-24), Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL-08), Bryan Caforio (CA-25) and Bill Golderer (PA-07) for Congress.

End Citizens United is a grassroots-funded organization that is dedicated to electing members of Congress who will fight to overturn Citizens United and advocate for campaign finance reform to remove “dark money” from the political system.

“To end the rigged system in Washington, we need to elect more Democrats committed to limiting the amount of money that corporations can spend anonymously to buy our elections,” said Tiffany Muller, Executive Director for End Citizens United.  “Each candidate we endorsed today supports reforms that will end Citizens United, demonstrating the momentum of our movement.”

Information on the candidates endorsed by End Citizens United, including their answers to the ECU questionnaire, can be found here.

“We need to get dark money out of our political system so we can make real progress on protecting Social Security and Medicare, expanding renewable energy, and enacting common-sense gun safety laws,” said Jacky Rosen (NV-03).  “As the next representative for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, I will fight to enact meaningful campaign finance reform and overturn Citizens United.”

“Qualified, ordinary people who have dedicated their lives should be better able to run for elected office,” said Cory Simpson (WV-02). “The corridors of our nation’s power center should not be reserved for the wealthy alone.”

“The Supreme Court’s wrong-headed decision in the Citizens United case has opened the floodgates of our political system to vast sums of unregulated money,” said Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL-08). “In Congress, I will strongly support a constitutional amendment to overturn this shamelessly misguided decision.”

“I’ve seen firsthand a system thats rigged in favor of big banks and corporations, and against the middle class,” said Bryan Caforio (CA-25). “I’ve stood up to corporate greed on behalf of homeowners, and in Congress I’ll stand up to the corporate influence corrupting our campaign finance system.”

“I’m honored to be endorsed by End Citizens United,” said Bill Golderer (PA-07). “In Congress, I’ll work hard to overturn this terrible decision that has been incredibly damaging to our electoral process.”

End Citizens United PAC was established in March 2015 to counter the disastrous effects of Citizens United and reform our campaign finance system. ECU has raised more than $11 million from more than 500,000 contributions, with an average contribution of $14.To date, more than one million grassroots supporters have signed their name to an online petition calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

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