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End Citizens United Statement on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

Jun 27, 2018

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement:

“As the author of the Citizens United decision, Justice Kennedy opened the floodgates for unlimited, often anonymous, political donations and redefined public corruption, essentially selling our government to the highest bidders. His replacement could be the deciding vote in efforts to reverse that damage. We need a justice who will side with the American people, who believes every vote counts, that there’s too much money in politics, and that government should serve the people — not corporate special interests.

“President Trump’s last nominee, Neil Gorsuch, falls on the side of more money and less transparency in elections, and it’s likely he’ll nominate another extreme candidate. Democrats should do everything in their power to defeat such a nominee. And if Republicans once again break precedent and rewrite rules to avoid a fair process, we will hold them accountable.

“Ultimately, with all three branches of government hostile to campaign finance reform, it will take grassroots energy at the ballot box to unrig the system so that Washington works for all of us. It’s people – not corporations – who will head to the polls in November, and we will restore the power in our democracy to everyday Americans.”

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